Elements of Elementary 8 :
Democratic Principles and Montessori Pedagogy

At IMTC - Central / On Wed 23rd October, 2019

India is a democratic country, as laid out in its Constitution and thereby all elements that are a part of this nation, be it an institution or a programme or an individual need to abide by one of the fundamental premises of being democratic.

The people of India intrinsically accept diversity in its many forms, be it in language, food, arts, traditions...Even weather and geography create a climate from cold & hot deserts to tropical forests, all in the same region.

Decision-making for the community, in ancient and pre-British India was based on the panchayat system where the voices of five different kinds of people had to be heard.

Over the past many years, rigid hierarchies, authoritarian practices have come in the way at times, to prevent us from being spontaneously who we are as compassionate persons.

Being in the field of education, how can we contribute to making India live by its principles, ancient and contemporary?
How can we make our classrooms and schools be aligned to the Constitution, to the notion that each of us aspires for ourselves and for the generation walking into the future?
Can we be responsible educators to think and reflect on these lines?
We are, after all, builders of the nation

The Montessori pedagogy in its spirit and practice is democratic. It is for the human being to live in peace with oneself and the larger universe. It shows a possible path to enable us to create the right environment for children to experience democracy on a daily basis.

Let's meet to listen, to discuss, so that we can act in our own spheres of influence.

A lecture-discussion will be led by Amukta Mahapatra
Director, SchoolScape,
Centre for educators

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